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Rivertown Special Price

All Rivertown Hockey members  are entitled to a special $20.00 off price on the LOOK trainer. ($129.99) Code: RTH 

The LOOK trainer allows the athlete to train their peripheral vision to handle the puck thus keeping their head up to see their teammates, their opponent, and avoid big hits. There is nothing more important than playing with your head up. Use it on ice and off ice while training.

Each year we put an American flag on our jerseys. This year it is the American flag with the thin red line.  Thin Red Line Flag Meaning: "First responder" refers to any individual who's first to arrive and administer aid at the scene of an emergency; this includes police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and others. 

This flag on our jersey is to show respect for the people in our community and the volunteers involved in our organization. It is just a reminder to be thoughtful and thankful for those coaches, parents, Rivertown family and members of our community who are first responders. 

Rivertown Hockey Mission Statement

The Rivertown Hockey program is an opportunity for players to continue their hockey development beyond the regular season. The program balances player development, integrity, intensity, and education. The main objective is to enhance your player's love of the game,  skill and hockey knowledge. We are confident your child will greatly improve in the 3 things we believe are the keys to hockey at a higher level; skating, vision (creativity, hockey sense, play making), and competitiveness.

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