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Sunnies Registration is now open

The SUNNIES program is a continuous improvement program that runs from March to September. They skate approximately once a week at the LumberYard or St. Croix Rec Center. The program focuses on fundamental skill improvement needed to move forward in the sport of hockey. It is for kids ages 4 - 8 wanting to focus on the fundamentals. Groups (teams) will be made by age. We should have approximately 4 teams (groups) each year. Participating fun the LumberYard 3v3 league will also be an option.

Password for sign up: sunny23

Rivertown Hockey Mission Statement

The Rivertown Hockey program is an opportunity for players to continue their hockey development beyond the regular season. The program balances player development, integrity, intensity, and education. The main objective is to enhance your player's love of the game,  skill and hockey knowledge. We are confident your child will greatly improve in the 3 things we believe are the keys to hockey at a higher level; skating, vision (creativity, hockey sense, play making), and competitiveness.

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