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Our Rivertown Hockey Program Practices, Scrimmages and 3x3 league are on hold as of now,  we will keep you updated on this page and thru emails as to when our program will be up and running.

Please see below for rules going forward.
We are recommending the following protocols be followed at all hockey activities:

  • If you are feeling ill or have any symptoms, please stay home!!
  • No handshakes – parents don't shake hands. Players gloves should remain on for “fist bumps” instead of handshakes
  • No sharing of water bottles – Parents should send a clean water bottle to practice if you think you player will need one.
  • No spitting at any time 
  • If you are elderly, please do not attend


Get ready for the season!!!

Here is a workout sheet you can use with little to no equipment. You can find all these exercises on line in either a diagram or video. I challenge every one of you to do these along with shooting pucks to get ready to play. Have fun, work hard, learn something and stay positive. We'll be going before you know it.

Rivertown Hockey Mission Statement

The Rivertown Hockey program is an opportunity for players to continue their hockey development beyond the regular season. The program balances player development, intensity, and education. The main objective is to enhance your player's skill and hockey knowledge. We are confident your child will greatly improve in the 3 things we believe are the keys to hockey at a higher level; skating, vision (creativity, hockey sense, play making), and competitiveness.

Registration Open!

Registration is open. Click the link below to register!

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    Sunnies Registration for 2020

    The Sunnies registration for 2020 is live click here.

    Use password:  RTSUNNIES20

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