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The SUNNIES program is a continuous improvement program that runs from March to September. They skate approximately once a week at the LumberYard or St. Croix Rec Center. The program focuses on fundamental skill improvement needed to move forward in the sport of hockey. 

For the 2020 season the Sunnies will have 2 skill level groups that we will divide up after the first skate.

  • They will be divided by skill so they can all benefit the most from the training.
  • The second group should be able to skate frontwards and backwards and may have had some 3v3 game experience or similar
  • There will be an option for players to play in the 3v3 league at the LumberYard.
  • 25 hours of ice
  • Great add on of more skills for those doing the Brookies or 2013 Muskies

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