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The SUNNIES hockey program is a developmental program for  players up to 6 years old, depending on their current skill.  The program will run from March through September and have roughly 1 practice per week.  Danny Irmen will lead the program. Practices will be at north east metro rinks. The players will have fun, learn the fundamentals of skating, puck handling and playing hockey.


Under 6 depending on skill.

The MUSKIES hockey program for 2019 will field teams at the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The MUSKIES are a fundamentals and team play program.  Our skill focus will be on skating , heads up puck control and passing.  Our program philosophy is based on puck possession. Our players will grow dramatically in poise, decision making and hockey IQ. 


Year  -    Head Coach

2004 - Lee Erickson

2005 - Lee Erickson


2007 - Gwen Polaski

2008 - Scott Bond

2009 - Dan Pavel

2010 -John O'Shea & Danny Irmen

The Minnesota BRONZEBACKS are a tryout only, elite hockey program. The team will train at the LumberYard Hockey Center in Stillwater Minnesota. The training will focus on skating, heads up play, puck possession and hockey IQ. The BRONZEBACKS will play in 3-4 local invite level tournaments and 1-2 out of town or Canadian tournaments. The team will live up to it's namesake. Smallmouth are know to be pound for pound the hardest fighting fresh water fish you can have on the end of your line. They can also be extremely smart and tough to catch. They hunt in packs and will be there one day and gone the next. The BRONZEBACKS will fight to the end, hunt in a pack, and never give up. Our program will take high level players                  that have a team first attitude, solid character and a will to get better                     every day. We will train on and off ice with that purpose.  In 2019 we will field a 2010 team.